Hillsboro Main Library, rear view

Hillsboro Main Library, rear view
From across the pond. Photo by Dylan Schertz.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sci-Fi was the winner, so far, this week. We just love it when boxes of sci-fi/fantasy come in. CDs are filling up our CD holders. We do need jewel cases, if anyone has any extra. We try to recase all the ex-library and on-line ones if they need it and since the library is getting most of their cds pre-packaged for library use, we no longer snag their new cases when they switch out to library cases.
I just ordered an Odor Free Villa 1000 to deal with the donated musty books and smoky ones too. We have our fingers crossed that this will work - figure one great book on-line will help pay for the machine. We should be taking it out for a spin next week.
Our box numbers have increased - 18 is the new total.
Permenant sale shelves are chock-full of great titles.

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