Hillsboro Main Library, rear view

Hillsboro Main Library, rear view
From across the pond. Photo by Dylan Schertz.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The police have come and taken away the stroller. I called Costco because there was a receipt in the stroller and they said they would call the member's number a tell them about the stroller.
In other news, we went 25% over last years total. How is that for cool. Thanks to the many great volunteer who worked their fingers to the bone. Actually, we all were talking about breaking nails.
Melinda was the one in the main room directing customers and trying to find books and sell them more. Annie was bringing in all the carts she was pricing, Kathy was carting too. Linda was also keeping up with our amazon on-line sales. And a host of others, Great job all.
Kathy, Annie disposed of our least favorite cash register today. Sorry you missed the ceremony.
the donations have continued through the sale and we received a lot of children's books. We will be boxing the extras - we do have a small permanent sale at the library.

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