Hillsboro Main Library, rear view

Hillsboro Main Library, rear view
From across the pond. Photo by Dylan Schertz.

Monday, May 17, 2010

If you are a reader of Chinese, today was your day. A full box -35 lbs was taped shut.
We were also trying to get our backlog of books to go online whittled down. As usual something else came up.
Linda, our project oriented volunteer, decided today was a good day for upstairs organizing. It is amazing how much she can get done. For muscle, she brought in Joe, another one of the faithful.
A cart load of books came in late this afternoon and unfortunately, there was a musty odor coming from the box. We live in Oregon - don't leave boxes of books in your garage or basement. I decided to check to see if any were unodoriferous ones. A nice lot of art and childrens were in the boxes. I was innocently sniffing away - nose deep in the book when I realized the page I was on was of a reclining nude and it looked like I was sniffing her naughty parts. Annie was standing behind me - assistant sniffer. We both broke up laughing.
The sale shelves were stocked with some interesting books today - come check it out.

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