Hillsboro Main Library, rear view

Hillsboro Main Library, rear view
From across the pond. Photo by Dylan Schertz.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Music, Music , Music - we have had three volunteers working on boxes of cds for several days now. Our first step is to see if they are worth more than $5, if so then they do online. If not, are they in good condition - nice case, not scratched - $2.00 for the sale. The ones going online head to the library RTI DisChek Machine (we purchased for the library -$3,200). The machine checks for defects. Then on to the polishing machines, we have purchased several and also spendy. The ones for our sale that are in poor condition go through the polishing ones also. We are going to have a massiveamount of cds at our sale. Also the LPs have been coming in. Have some 78s that I'm not sure how to price.
Today, I've been working on maps. We have the bigger laminated ones from the library plus lots of little ones.
The boxes are piling up and we are on a great tract for an excellent sale.